Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

Pic Creations Part 5

Posting the next patch of creations - if I counted correctly, it's part 5.

The Friday 13ths creations were an idea by @lisa_kehr who also provided most of the pics used. Thank you, sweetheart!

Screencaps for the next one taken from here:

 Played around with my newest app, Photo Wall.

PhotoFunia is such a charming little app!

I just love it when Shahid touches his face with his fingers - I don't wanna get into speculations why :D Anyway, talking on twitter it turned out many #Shanatics share my opinion. This creation is after an idea from @KESHLUVZSHAHID and also the pics have been provided by her! MUAH!!!
(And btw, my fave colour is blue :D)

Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012

Shahid's Career In Pictures

Tuesday, 17th July, the lovely @Mahezabeen asked me, if I was up for doing a "Shahid's Career In Pictures" slide show. And what better way to combine my love for Shahid and for making picture creations on my ipad! Thank you for this opportunity, M! MUAH!!!

So I started creating Tuesday evening, and then did nothing else the whole Wednesday. All in all it took me 11 hours and I was pretty exhausted afterwards. But I'm quite pleased with the outcome (thank you again M! Couldn't have done it without your help! Also, thank you @Keshluvzshahid for the Ishq Vishk pics! They are perfect!)

Long story short, here is the outcome:

Shahid's Career In Pictures

Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

Ishaqzaade Review

This could have been a great movie, but the potential was wasted. There was one thing I just couldn't get past. I guess if you don't care about this thing, Ishaqzaade is a good movie. Parineeti  Chopra  rules in this film. I love Zoya's spunkiness and would have wished a very different ending for her. Arjun Kapoor (haven't yet figured out what branch of the Kapoor family he stems from) did a good job of portraying Parma. Kudos to him for having the guts to play such a disgusting and ultimately wimpy anti hero in his debut film (though again, many people might think Parma redeemed himself in the end. I do not.).


I like the songs and Ishaqzaade has its fair share of humour -though I'm not sure it's always intended, like in Hua Chokra Jawaan Re.

Ishaqzaade is definitely worth a one time watch, but if you have a single feminist fibre in your body, be prepared to be very irritated by the second half. I give the movie credit for the attempt to convey the "don't kill young people because they fall in love with the "wrong" person" - message, but it in this case it didn't work for me. Reasons below.


Ishaqzaade could have been one of the best revenge movies ever made. Then they went and ruined it by having Zoya forgive Parma for using her in the most despicable way, following the logic that forces rape victims to marry their rapist. I cannot get past this. I do not buy that Arjun really loved her in the end and I do not buy that she forgave him and this easily, too. That Romeo and Juliet ending made absolutely no sense to me in that respect. What should have happened is that Zoya should have taken her sweet revenge, either by humiliating him in some awesome way or by castrating him with a rusty knife. LOL I'd have loved Zoya to do that and then to become the leader of a gang and to rule over both, her horrible family and that of Parma's. As it is, I mourn the wasted potential of Ishaqzaade.

Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

Eros Live Chat with Shahid and Kunal

Living in Austria I thought it was impossible to ever meet Shahid. And I haven't yet met him, but thanks to the lovely guys at Eros, who organised a live chat, I got to talk to him - 2 minutes I will cherish forever:

Here is the transcript of what was said (by the lovely @Mahezabeen):

Eros: Salena

Cal:It's Calena

Eros: Calena Hiii

Cal: Hi

Eros: Unfortunately I guess your camera is not working

Cal: (in the bg Hello....Hello)
I don't have a camera

Eros: You don't have a camera!

Cal: May I talk to you anyway please? I'm from Austria and I am really looking forward to watching your movie, it's playing in Vienna, and I'm going to watch it first day first show (Sasha gets a HUGE grin on his face on hearing this :)))

Sasha: Overwhelmed!

Cal: And you are the reason I am watching hindi movies

(Sasha leans towards Kunal to clarify what Cal said)

Cal: and I really love you

Sasha: Thank you so much, that's so so so sweet of you!!

Cal: I have a request from Mahez from Australia, she wants you to recite a poetry (Sasha's surprised expression! LMAOOOOO) ..a poetry that wasn't in the promo (Sasha grins broadly!! Haiiiii)

Sasha n Eros: One that wasn't in the promo

Sasha: (touching Kunal on the shoulder) Kunal will help me

Eros: So Kunal gonna step in on that...you basically mean one of the shayeris that wasn't in the promo right?

Kunal: ...na samajh hai woh (ignorant is tht person..)

Sasha: jo na samjhe (that doesnt understand..)

Kunal: repeats the line and laughs

Sasha: Ok its very complicated but we gonna still try (Kunal cracks up)

Sasha: Unhe yeh shikayat hai humse (She has this complain with me..)

Kunal: Unhe yeh shikayat hai ke hum har chahere ko dekh kar muskurate hai ( she has this issue with me that I smile at every face)

Sasha: repeats it

Kunal: Na samjh hai woh na samjhe (ignorant she is tht she doesnt understands)

Sasha: repeats

Eros: wah wah

Kunal: humme toh har chahere mei wohi nazar aata hai (tht in every face I see her)

Sasha: repeats

Eros: wah wah wah

Sasha: Now u can say wah wah how can u say wah wha without knowing the totality

They start discussing when u should say wah wah ROFLL

Eros: Next time I will do it properly

Kunal: Okay so I will have to prompt her as to how to react to the shayeri!!

Eros: Salena (arrggh she said it wrong again)..thank you

Cal: Thank you byee

Sasha blows a throw kiss *MZ dead on the floor*

People told me I was remarkably calm, but that wasn't how I felt at all! I'm happy to have managed to speak at all. Oh, and that flying kiss!

Here's the rambling tweet I made after the chat:

I'm VERY amazed at how confident I sounded, too. I was seriously freaking out inwardly. I was totally panicked, b/c the question about the 3 characters I had planned on asking had been asked before. Thankfully, seconds before I was on, @Mahezabeen practically screamed at me on twitter to request the shayeri. Also, I had no idea if he actually heard me - I for sure didn't get his replies while I was talking (again thankfully, because if I had realised he said "overwhelmed" and "so so so sweet" I would have probably fainted then and there.)

I really have to thank Mahez for telling me to request that, b/c Shahid and Kunal had tons of fun reciting!
My only regret is, that I was too polite to stick around, b/c I wanted to let other ppl get their chance too. I wanted to ask Kunal what was the best and worst thing about working with Shahid, and given their interactions, they'd have had lots of fun discussing that. :D

The flying kiss was about the only thing that actually registered with me during the actual experience. LOL I had to go on twitter and ask if it had really happened, though. So superb to get that without asking for it. And that smile when I said bye!!!??? I own that smile. It is mine forever. *is dead*

I swear I specially planned on NOT telling him I love him, b/c everyone tells him that, but it somehow just slipped out!!!!

Oh, I freaked out plenty, and am still freaking out. I watched my part about 50 times and actually only got around to watching the whole chat 2 hours or so ago. So when ppl told me about being calm and rational, I wasn't sure what they were talking about, b/c that's so far from how I felt! But in comparison I guess I was being calm, and yes, I noticed him being very attentive in compariosn - but again wasn't sure if maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part. But since you noticed it too, I believe it.

You bet I will cherish this FOREVER!!!!! Still barely able to believe it happened!


 And here is the whole chat:


Montag, 9. Juli 2012

BTW, I watched Teri Meri Kahaani a third time :)

Thrice upon a love story - I watched it three times :)
I found another friend who I lured into the cinema with promises of "colourful Sari dances" (sorry, this is what my friends want from Bollywood).

This time I ingored the subtitles as much as possible and concentrated on Shahid. It's such a treat, seeing him on the big screen.

Sonntag, 8. Juli 2012

Shahid Kapoor Creations

And I also love using Shahid pics when having fun with my photo apps :)

Teri Meri Kahaani Creations

When I say "creations" I mean me playing around with my various photo apps on my beloved ipad. It indulges my love for Shahid AND my love for my ipad silmultanously. FTW! :)

(You may notice I really love Javed :D )